Hi there! Welcome to my artist page.

I'm known in the art community as Naikios, or by close friends as Kris! I'm a 30 year old full-time artist living in Charlottesville, VA. I've been active in the anthro digital art community for about 15 years now, and have come to be known for my overly-elaborate species and character designs.

Offline, and aside from digital art, I am a traditional oil and acrylic painter, as well as a crafter who loves to toy with any medium she can get her hands on.

Like many artists, I suffer from a mess of mental and physical health conditions, most notably Bipolar I, which can have a big effect on my work. Nonetheless, I have big dreams for my art, and thrive every day to create something better than the day before; to deliver new and interesting works for my amazing followers.

Thank you so so much for your support!


Tons of things are happening in Naik world right now!  I've been running behind schedule, as therapy and physical ailments have been hampering my work time, but have yet to halt my roll!  Now that my new meds are in full effect, and the SQS site is together, I'm adjusting my other plans to make up for lost work time! 

We'll begin actual work for SQS in October, so I've made the executive decision to push my SageBit release to January 1st. While this is something I was vehemently against doing, I'm not willing to sacrifice the quality of my project to get it out quicker. This way, I'll have a full 3 months to finish up the other projects I'm working on.

Priminials are going to become a big part of the next few months to help me pay bills, now that commissions are only a part of my life 2-4 days a month through SQS, and will otherwise be working on queue items, so keep an eye out!


As you've probably realized by now, each artist under the SQS umbrella runs their own business, and all in our own ways!

I work best as a team due to the wide span of projects I'm working on at any given time, but these are obviously beyond the reach of SQS, and require separate attention. When you have big ambitions, you need a solid support system behind ya, and that's exactly what my NaikArt Team is! 

Meet the team below, just scroll on over one of our members to see how they contribute to the team!!


Welcome to Legabun's Lair! This area of Naik's Page is for anyone who wants to really get into the mind of the artist.

Music is an incredibly important part of my life, and one of my biggest sources of inspiration.  For most of my life, I've dealt with Bipolar I without medication, along with PTSD. In response to the chemical imbalance and over-firing neurons in the sleep, cognitive, and mood centers of my brain, I developed a depersonalization disorder that forces me to process emotions differently.  Overtime, I realized that music is able to encapsulate almost every feeling in existence, from lyrics to rhythms and ambiance.  By utilizing this to my advantage, I've been able to get around the inability to process my personal emotions, by turning empathy towards similar emotions in music.

Because of of this, you're hard-pressed to find me without a pair of headphones on, or some music in the background.

All of that said, it's probably not surprising that choosing my favorites is near impossible...

   so here are the ones that I connect with most and really encapsulate my mental states...

                                             as well as my art playlist!


While Naik has lots of tattoos in various languages, only 2 of her tattoos are in english: 'Inspire' on her drawing hand, and

lyrics from her favorite band/song, Muse's "Knights of Cydonia",

Because of my own particular way of processing information and interacting with my environment, I'm very much the type who generally prefers to be left to my own devices. Despite preferring to be alone, I'm never in silence. Comfort, for me, is being totally immersed in a story (The more detailed and expansive, the better) and the emotions of the characters within it, regardless if that is TV, Movies, Books or Music. Over the past 30 years, I've found a dozen shows that I can watch repeatedly and never get bored of, and fallen in love with a handful of characters that now hold an incredibly special place in my heart.  We won't even attempt to put together a movie list, it would never work.

1. Doctor Who

2. Noragami

3. Merlin

4. Stargate

5. Psych!

6. The X-Files

7. Lucifer

8. Highlander

9. Parks and Recreation

10. Community

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  • Space

  • Glitter

  • Rainbows

  • Philosophy

  • Lucid Dreaming

  • ASMR

  • Performing Random Acts of Kindness

  • Cheesecake

  • The Spider living in my Bathroom

  • Books

  • Otherworldly Characters (Particularly Seraphs / Aliens)

  • Purple/Turquoise Color Combinations

  • Anything Metallic/Shiny

  • Documentaries about Quantum/Astro Physics, Neurology, Psychology, Greco-Roman / Egyptian Mythology

  • Bourbon

  • Fire

  • Tarot

  • White Rabbit/ Cheshire Cat

  • Wild Berry Skittles

  • Robots

  • Dinosaurs

  • Negativity

  • Injustice/Unfair Treatment of Anyone

  • Coconut

  • Fruit Punch

  • The Spider Living in My Kitchen Sink

  • Dull "Neutral" Colors

  • Manipulation / Prompting

  • Sports Radio

  • Double Standards

  • Large Gatherings of People (Unless for Concerts, or anything where the entire crowd is sharing one common positive emotion)

  • Organized Religion

  • Narcissism

  • Hypocrisy

  • RPing Human Characters

  • TV shows about C.E. History that do not involve Time Travel

  • Uniformity in tattoos on my body, Lack of uniformity in EVERYTHING else

  • Not giving 110% thought and effort to a task

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Here's a collection of images featuring stuff I love. I'll change them around randomly throughout the year!

Just click and drag the photos below to see beneath them!


The Praznivalian Universe encompasses my 'alien' races. These species are almost all from the same galaxy, and all have the ability to move from planet to planet, unlike the land-locked Seregonians. The Pravda are the Master Race of this galaxy, and are often looked at as gods by the others for their reincarnating abilities.  With the Pra'Vosi as a symbiotic sister species, they keep an eye out on not only their own galaxy, but the rest of the universe when they're feeling inclined. The Primordials and Priminials are a crystal encrusted species hailing from a planet near the Vacant Pravda world, Primavalea. The Primordials distribute their kind throughout the universe via comets to allow them to take on the physical characteristics of species from a wide selection of worlds. In comparison, the Priminials are a laboratory-created species, stolen and freed by the Legacy Pravda.  The Nefali, the Siren-Shades of the Praznavalian galaxy, are spread through out the universe, immortal as the other species, phasing in and out of the Abyss dimension to travel and spread their songs.  Lastly, the Egomotai. A species from a parallel universe, this species is only able to interact with our universe when inhabiting special bodies retrieved from their own. As embodied emotions, these extra-dimensional beings tend to bring out the passions of those around them.  Despite their almost unlimited range of abilities, they're on probation in this universe, pending good behavior.

Less of a Universe, as these species have also interacted with the Praznavalian Species... in this case, Universe means a collection of species that belong together or come from a common place.  The Seregonian species are such a case.  These species hail from Maegliin Seregon, a magically concealed kingdom near Greece comprised of 5 separate interior lands. While originally at war, a balance was eventually struck between the kingdoms after a common leader united them, pushing them into a new era.

The capital city, Te'Sorthene, is home to gypsies and nobles, as well as the throne of Maegliin Seregon.  The prophets and monks of Maegliin Seregon inhabit the land of Son'Rashiid where the Seregonian Academy is located.  This land is also the home of 'The Ageless One', said to be the oldest creature in Maegliin Seregon, giving the Son'Rashiidians the claim of being 'the first land'.  In Tamuril, an elven tree species is trained from birth to join the guard of Maegliin Seregon, protecting whoever is ruler in the chain of succession.  Over in Nargathrod, the villains of the kingdom.  Demons, exiled to a desolate land uninhabitable by the other species in the hidden Kingdom and sworn enemies of the Draconian Knights.

The last two species of the Seregonian Kingdom are the strongest, and leaders of the land, feared by all. Arcondelial is mythic even to the Seregonians, hidden high above the clouds, out of view from the other kingdoms, and home to the Seraphs. This land hides countless secrets, including portals to many realms, most notably Olympus. It was from this heavenly mount that the 2 royals of Draconen Prime descended.  After the fall of Sol and the hybridization and formation of the Draconian species, the Knights banded, turning Draconen Prime into the elite fighting force of the Seregonian lands with their unique draconic, vampiric, and angellic roots. It would be this kingdom that ultimately united the others under the common title of Maegliin Seregon, and have been in possession of its crown for 2000 years.


Not too surprisingly, when you have a mess of species, you end up with a mess of characters to go along with them!

With each species, I have myself a representative. Some are played, some are NPC, some are simply sentimental.

Among these, 4 stand apart from the crowd as the most beloved of all: Soleil, The Anachronist, Triumph, and Adamas.

These are all complicated characters, what with Triumph being a temporary inhabitant of Soleil's soul, and The Anachronist being the 7th Dawning in the Legacy Pravda genesis line... but none the less, I love them! Adamas and Fluxx, the Primavaleans of the bunch work in tandem to keep things calm and balanced.

While all of these need a refresh, feel free to click on the images below to view their old sites/references!


Most people know my love of characters, especially when they belong to well thought out and developed species. Due to this, and often times through my interactions as an artist, I get graced with offers of characters in the Original Species of others from the community! I have 2 characters that fall under this category, respectively from the SueSai species (Created by QueenCakey),and the Lepid Species (Created by Danielle Claire).

I can't tell you all how honored I am by these gifts, and appreciate the opportunity to have a part in your worlds. <3


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