A dead, green bunny. That is an awfully strange sort of thing to use as representation of ones self. Yet it suits me pretty perfectly!


Hi, my name is Lyss, and I am a zombie addict! They’ve been one of my favourite monsters for a long time. Why? Because they're mindless and driven by nothing. They cannot be reasoned with or convinced, and will not be stopped. That makes them terrifying, which is what a monster should be! And why a bunny? Because that is what my other half calls me. Insert sappy 'aww' here.

But about the person behind the dead rabbit? I’m a quiet sort of person, shy and typically quite reserved when it comes to first meeting me. Don’t let that fool you though.. underneath lies a big nerd who loves her animals, loves to game, roleplay and draw. I genuinely believe in treating people how you want to be treated and endeavor to be as friendly to everyone as I can! Just ignore the occasional nibbling at your cerebellum every now and again.

I live in Europe, Sweden specifically, though I am from and lived most of my life in England. I did pretty well in school, getting mostly B’s in a majority of my subjects with a few A’s and one or two C’s. Art was, probably unsurprisingly, my favourite subject; but I also loved English literature and history. I went to college after that for 3D animation and character design, passing with a distinction and a merit grade. After that I moved homes and got a couple of jobs to help cover cost of living, working in a small corner store and a pub for a few years before relocating to Sweden, where my other half comes from.

I can be quite an anxious sort of person, and as such I often struggle in really putting myself out there. I promise though! I am entirely happy to chat to just about anyone! So come on! Get to know me.



Currently on hold for any new commissions whilst a few things are being seen to. Hopefully will be able to reopen them soon, but as of yet no fixed date on that. Will be sure to announce when that happens.

In saying that I am currently open to taking some trade or collaboration work! Anyone interested in such should check over my galleries to see if my style appeals and, if so can either leave me a comment or reach me via discord to discuss.

If you guys want to catch me on discord, the best place to find me is in the Scribblequirk Studios server! I’m usually lurking about so feel free to prod me there. Want to contact me more directly? You can add me at Lyss#6663.

About on BattleNet? Then you can also find me there under Lyss#2245. Keep in mind however I play on European servers and client, so you can only add me if you have your client open in Europe. I am also on Steam and Origin though I rarely ever have these open.

My OOC alt for Furcadia is Alyssa.

I prefer to keep my social media (aka Facebook because I don’t use others) to just friends and family so please, refrain from asking.
Down below are a few links to my art related sites so be sure to check those out! DA will have most of my artwork on it, and Trello has my pricelist, my work hours and can also be used to track where I am at on my current list of work.



Random quote of the moment. “Ingen ko på isen.” This is a Swedish idiom and translates to, there are no cows on the ice. It basically means don’t worry, and at the moment it is one of my favourite things to say!

My favourite movies include: Sweeney Todd, Harry Potter, Avatar, Warm Bodies, P.S. I love you, Phantom of the Opera, Singing in the rain and Labyrinth.
Favourite TV shows: Hannibal, American Horror Story, RuPauls Drag Race, Vampire Diaries, Dexter.




I am a huge animal lover. I have a 5 year old Labrador called Hunter and a tortoiseshell kitty called Misha who is 1 and will shamelessly show off a million pictures of them.

And pretty much anything gory and macabre. Especially when mixed with something otherwise cute.
Coca Cola

Drink of choice. Zombun fuel that gets me through most of my art sessions.

Drawing it, receiving it, trading it, commissioning it. Its a creative outlet I simply adore!


Whilst I have many, many characters these are probably my most used, with the top three being my main played alts. If you’re interested in roleplaying with any of them via Furcadia or possibly Discord, give me a shout.


Thanks guys for taking the time to look over my page. All of your feedback and support is always so gratefully received and I cannot thank you enough.

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