The ScribbleQuirk Studios Collaboration Project is our way of merging our styles and workloads to produce unique art and fund our artists.  There are a lot of fees involved in our job, from art programs to streaming platforms that when combined with the inconsistency and low pay of being a Full-Time artist, can be crushing. For this reason, we crafted the idea of a Collaborative studio which could act as a side-business to try to balance things out for our artists, thus freeing them up for new art and projects!


Each month, our artists hold scheduled events and art releases based on Sponsor-selected themes. These are constant events exclusive to ScribbleQuirk Studios, featuring artwork reserved by our artists for this particular project. For those who love what we do, and want to support our active artists, we offer 'Sponsorship' subscriptions! These Sponsorships are tier-based around the amounts each artist receives per subscription, and offer supporters access to the Sponsor section of this site, tickets in our monthly collaboration raffle, discounts at and access to sponsor-only streams and sales, as well as access to Large-Scale Collaboration Commissions.  All art offered through SQS specifically (Not our individual artists) in sales, streams and on our site are EXCLUSIVE. This means that they can only be acquired through sponsorship of the Collaboration Project.


Becoming a Sponsor is easier than it ever has been!  Simply head over to the Sponsorship page and check out our options. Each of these options lists the perks for the level, as well as the amount each artist receives from your support!  Once you become a Sponsor, we'll approve your access to Membership to the site, and all perks will take effect.  Membership on this site is restricted to sponsors, thus must be approved by SQS.  You will remain a Sponsor as long as your subscription remains active. When canceled/declined, Membership status on the site and all sponsor tags across our platforms will be deactivated.



Each month, our artists release a new Calendar of Events, detailing the schedule for the month. While these dates may change from month to month, they will always contain the same events for sponsors and always adhere to the Sponsor-Polled Theme.

 Monthly Collaboration Process Piece: This piece is an artist choice collaboration to the theme, featuring a break down of the collaborative stages, time-lapse video, artist commentary on the theme and work for the month, as well as HD versions of the artwork. This may be personal art, YCH format, a prize for a contest, or whatever other formats the artists choose.

 Monthly Collaboration Raffle Piece:  Picked from Sponsor raffle tickets.

Sponsor Sale Days:  There are at least 2 sale days available to sponsors only each month. Sales vary depending on theme, artists and availability.

Sale Day Item Raffle: At least one of the active artists will raffle off a free example of whatever sale item they're offering that month. This raffle is open to ALL sponsors equally, regardless of tier. 

Free Sketch Day: Once a month, we'll be holding a free sketch day for our sponsors. There may be some rules for how this works in order to make sure everyone has an equal chance of receiving them. 

Sponsor Only YCH / Character Design / Adoptables: These are upcoming projects to our Sponsor-Only pages. They will make Your Character Here options and Pre-made Character Designs available to our sponsors before the public (as time allows, will work with the individual artists work availability), as well as introduce a collectable adoptable species unique to SQS and available only to sponsors.

 Videos/Tutorials:  Sponsors will have access to an area in the sponsor-only pages that features longer walk through videos, tutorials for various stages, and any other random items the ScribbleQuirks put together.  These will be created as time allows!


1. ScribbleQuirk Studios reserves the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason. While we appreciate the support we receive, protecting ourselves and our sponsors is our top priority.  Please conduct yourself accordingly, and remember that all artists and supporters are human beings who deserve fair treatment.  This rule applies to all SQS ventures and platforms, including Discord.




2. ScribbleQuirk Studios retains the right to use any of its produced art on its sites, profiles and Merch items, or for promotional purposes.

3. Sponsor Commissions will be open as available. There may be more or less from month to month depending on artist availability and speed. Sponsor commissions may take up to a month to complete based on volume.

4. Sponsor Pages will be updated regularly to keep sponsors informed about upcoming sale/streams, theme polls, and new showcase items.  

5. Anytime a new artist becomes active as part of the Collaboration Project, Sponsor tiers will rise to keep the 'Per Artist' Amount the same per tier.  Sponsors will be warned about this at least a month in advance of the change to prepare themselves, or cancel sponsorships.

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